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Mini Sanding Sticks Bucket High Flex Pads
Mini Sanding Sticks BucketHigh Flex Pad - 1 Sided (Super Fine)
Mini sanding sticks bucket are sold in a clear plastic bucket consisting of 200 mini sanding sticks. It comes with coarse, medium, and fine grits mixed together.
  • Grit: Super Fine
  • High Flex Pad - 1 Sided
  • Use Wet or Dry
  • Size 4-1/2 x 5-1/2 x 1/4



Sanding Twigs Buckets Sanding Block
Sanding Twigs BucketWhite Sanding Block
Sanding twigs bucket is sold in a clear plastic bucket consisting of 300 twigs. It comes with assorted grits. Sanding twigs range from 5 to 6 inches long and are 1 to 3 mm wide. Please note sizes are an estimation and may vary.White sanding blocks are sold in single quantities. It is a fine grit. Fine is between 220 and 280 grit. Size is 3-3/4 x 1 x 1".



Sanding Sticks Sanding Squares Bucket
Sanding Sticks MediumSanding Squares Bucket

Sanding sticks come with two sticks in a bag. The grit is medium and can be used to sand those hard to reach places. Length is 6 1/2" and 7". Width is 3/4". Grit is 240/240.

Sanding squares are sold in a clear plastic bucket consisting of 75 sanding squares. It comes with coarse, medium and fine grits mixed together. Please note sizes may vary. Grits may range from 80 to 600 however no specific grit is guarenteed.